Ketty Nilsson President, NoroGard

How do you become leading within the industry, with a product that outshines all its competitors? Is it by following everyone else’s footsteps? Swedes have a saying that goes, “Only the dead fish follow the stream.” The same goes for you when the key is to provide a seed with qualities and values that everyone is aspiring to achieve.

NoroGard will help you become an independent seed processing corporation in four steps.

First, make your own recipes. Our NoroGard laboratory seed coaters are top of the line, developed and designed with support from seed breeders and laboratories worldwide in order to provide the ideal laboratory batch treaters for coating and pelletizing. This includes high precision, accuracy and high application quality. As well as a batch treater, which is easy to operate and clean, with a perfect pelletizing result. By making your own recipes, you keep the knowledge within your own circle, as well as being able to profit by cutting down on intermediaries.

Secondly, making sure to provide our customers with customization options in order to present equipment that is completely fitted to your needs. All NoroGard seed coaters are equipped with the sophisticated technology you need to achieve cutting-edge performance. Offering a tailored product that is fit to your needs provides a great advantage as this proves as an opportunity to grow and develop your business.

Third, providing our customers with technical support. All our seed coaters are designed and produced within our facilities. This means we are in full control of every step along the production line, and our technicians are part of the development of our machinery. Regardless of what query or thought you may have regarding your NoroGard Seed Coater, we make sure to maintain the support you need, when you need it.

And last, we provide our customers with a product that has a long-lifetime and a low life cost. A good economy in your investment calls for a quick return of investment, without intermediaries within the process chain. The NoroGard seed coaters are designed to last for up to 20 years which means that not only do you gain multiple advantages with your NoroGard seed coater, the same advantages will also bring you a fast return of investment which will lay ground for further profitability.

So, how´s your business? Are you providing the seed with qualities and values that everyone is aspiring to achieve?