15 • ASIAN SEED OREA SEED REPORT This line chart show import and export price trends for horticulture crop seed, wihich include vegetables, herbs and flowers. $7,985/t); Canada (4.5 t @ $2,666/t) and Israel (810kg @ $4.9/kg). Field crops made up just 4.2% (10,349 t) of the imports, but commanded 6.3% ($16.4mn) of the market.And though vegetable seeds made up just 1.5% of inbound consignments, they contributed to nearly half or 48% of total value. Melon seed was a relatively lucrative category for seed importers in Korea, who generated $432,000 by importing 2.3 tonnes of this popular type of fruit seed, equating to an average price of $185 per kg, or $187,826 per tonne. These seeds came from China (1,531kg worth $204,000); Thailand (449kg, $57,000); India (250kg, $49,000); Japan (51kg, $98 000); Myanmar (17kg, $2,000); Chinese Tapei (10kg, $12,000); Chile (5kg, $3,000); Peru (2kg, $4,000); Indonesia (2kg, $1,000) and the USA (1kg, $1,000). VALUABLE VEGGIES Korean veg seeds were exported to 94 countries, with the top three importing countries accounting for 64% of total demand; namely, Japan (287.8 t, 25%); Indonesia (262.8 t, 23%) and Pakistan (168.6 t, 15%). Other leading importers were India (4.3%); USA (3.4%); Italy (3.3%); China (3%); Singapore (2.5%), Malaysia (2.2%) and Syria (1.8%). 83 other countries accounted for the remaining 15%. Korean veg seeds were exported at an average price of of $87.2/ kg; Korea’s top export market in terms of value was the Chinese, which imported 287,797 t worth $26.018mn, just over a quarter of the market, equating to an average price of $90.4/kg. The second biggest market for Korean vegetable seed was the USA, which imported 37.4 t worth $14.6 mn, or nearly 15% of the market, at an average $392.12/kg; India imported 262.8 t worth $13.76mn or 14% share, with an average price of $52.3 per kg. Of the top ten importers of Korean veg seed, six countries paid higher-than- average rates. Kazakhstan imported Korean veg seeds at the highest premium of $671/kg; followed by the USA, which paid $392/kg; Russia $335/ kg; Egypt $107;kg; Thailand $104/ kg and China $90/kg.Top importers obtaining Korean veg seeds at below Korea's top seed suppliers, as a percentage of total veg seed imports ($124.2 million).