5 • ASIAN SEED will be able to step in as Acting Director when Heidi completes her service at the end of June. HG: I am really lucky to have had the chance to work for APSA. Though some of the challenges were tougher than I expected, they prepared me well to continue my career in NGO management. What is the greatest thing you have achieved together during your time as the leadership team for APSA? BD: If I had to choose just one thing, it would have to be improving transparency for members about how their association works. We know much more about the workings of the association and the laws of Thailand now, and have shared these findings with the members as we move forward. HG: I agree. It is a great challenge to work across so many culture and language barriers, but we have spent a lot of time communicating with members during this period. Members should also feel like they can ask questions and I hope they continue to do so. The spirit of a membership association is members working together to achieve common goals. Members should always keep this objective in mind when working with APSA. BD: I’d like to add a second one in here. It’s just starting to gain traction, but we also started featuring Women in Seed articles in the Asian Seed Magazine in 2016. Every issue we choose a well- respected seedswoman and we tell her story. I think this movement is really important to encourage young women to get involved in the seed industry and to understand that they are not alone in their challenges. I hope members will heed your advice about being part of a membership association. Heidi, I also know that our Membership Programs Officer, Kuna, loves doing the Women in Seed interviews. The stories are really motivational. My final question is personal to each of you: what has been your favorite part about serving the association? HG: For me it’s been learning about the seed industry. I’m hooked! It was fascinating to find out about new breeding technologies, to work on harmonizing phytosanitary measures in our region, to represent this industry – and Asia – in international meetings with seed industry and government bodies, and to have the chance to meet some amazing seed people who helped me grow professionally over the past two years. I have to say thank you to all of you, and also to Brenda here, for this opportunity and the amazing support during my time with APSA. BD: My APSA tenure has been a very challenging one – and the challenges are not over yet – but I would have to say my favorite part of serving the association has been getting to know my APSA RESIDENT’S AND DIRECTOR’S DESK colleagues and working with them to meet these challenges. The support and advice from APSA past-presidents, former Executive Committee members, key stakeholders and APSA members have also been most welcome and helpful. Like Heidi, when my term is over, I would like to say that I leave APSA in a better place than I found it – well positioned to look after the needs of members and to give them a voice in the international seed industry. TIMELESS: Brenda Dossey and Heidi Gallant (above) and the APSA Secretariat (below) pose during the recent midterm meetings.