18 APSA’s Maiden Midterms Delegates from China, India, Pakistan, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Philippines and Australia identify national and regional priorities. 10 Australia, Korea Seed Trade Trends Import, export and market value seed trade trends in two key APSA countries; stats broken down and analyzed. 24 First Asian Cucurbit Round Table Breeders and pathologists to compare notes on cucurbit R&D this July in Thailand. 27 Mapping Climate Change Trends Highlighting the effects of changing weather patterns on agriculture throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Inthisissue Asian Seed & Planting Material World Edition Special Official Publication ISSN 0859-1776 APSA EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE 2017–2018 Office Bearers President Ms Brenda Dossey Vice President Mr Tahir Saleemi Treasurer Mr Jack Metzelaar Executive Committee Members Dr Tso-Chi Yang Dr Mi-Hee Yang Mr Tsukasa Kawakami Dr Dehua Ma Dr Casper van Kempen Mr Vaibhav Kashikar Mr Muhammad Asim Butt Mr Isao Iuchi Mr Wichai Laocharoenpornkul Ms Michelle Klieger Executive Director Mrs Heidi Gallant Deputy Director Dr Kanokwan Chodchoey Membership Officer Mr Komsak Kamjing Business Development Officer Ms Suchada Yansarasin Liaison Officer (China) Mrs Xiaofeng Li Events Officer Mr Mike Kingpayom Membership Programs Officer Mrs Kunaporn Phuntunil Chief Accountant Ms Narima Setapanich Communications Officer Mr Steven Layne Cover Photo Asian melon researcher (licensed photo) P.O. Box 1030, Kasetsart, Bangkok 10903, Thailand Tel: +66 (0) 2-940-5464 Fax: +66 (0) 2-940-5467 Email: apsa@apsaseed.org www.apsaseed.org Asian Seed & Planting Material is published bi-monthly as the official publication of the Asia & Pacific Seed Association (APSA). APSA is a provident organisation dedicated to the promotion and improvement of the seed industry in Asia Pacific. Asian Seed has a pass-on readership of 3,500 worldwide. Eighty percent of our subscribers reside in the Asia-Pacific region and include senior executives in seed enterprises, government agencies, universities and national seed associations. Unless denoted otherwise, figures are quoted in US$. Subscriptions are available on the APSA website or from the Secretariat. Editorial contributions and advertising enquiries should be sent to the Secretariat by email to apsa@apsaseed.org or steven@apsaseed. org. APSA holds the right to accept or reject contributions. The contents of this magazine may only be reproduced with the written consent of APSA.