2 / SEEDWORLD.COM JUNE 2018 CONTENTS/JUNE2018 Features, continued The Secret to Applying for PBR A new online tool saves time and money, making varieties more widely available. Q&A with Ric Dunkle He shares about life, his career and the importance of the international movement of seed. Q&A with Ioana Tudor A look at lessons learned from living abroad. Q&A with Charlie Arnot Understanding the fears of consumers and how the seed industry can better converse about food. Q&A with Bryan and Denise Gentsch This Texas couple works to bring big benefits to businesses in the Lone Star state. 52 56 58 60 62 58 Special Section INSIDERS Experts from around the seed industry and those who service it share their perspectives and provide recommendations on everything from seed treatments to equipment and from engineering to content marketing — with the goal of helping you make better, more informed business decisions. 44 Columns 18 34 64 78 Seed Innovation and Protection Alliance Eloy Corona shares how ag retailers and distributors can participate. International Agriculture Development Dennis Thompson looks at biotechnology’s role in Africa. Erosion of Science It’s not the GM technology debate that we should be focused on, says editor Julie Deering. Giant Views Joseph Byrum calls on the industry to invest more in AI and its future. In Every Issue Strategy The Wily Wireworm: Learn why these pests are so resilient and how best to control them. Cross Pollination Regulatory Roundup World Status Industry News Since 1915 36 66 67 68 70 76 52