JUNE 2018 SEEDWORLD.COM / 1 CONTENTS/JUNE2018 How to Achieve Trust In an era where people primarily communicate by email and text, trust can be harder to come by. Lessons in Leadership Seed World sat down with three prominent industry leaders for insight. Developing the Next Generation What might your company need to do to attract tomorrow’s leaders? The Right to Disconnect Putting work on hold seems irresponsible. But for mental health, there must be a balance between life and work. Inside the Beltway Farm bill discussions ramp up, and so does ASTA. Protecting Pollinators Pollinator habitat creation builds unique partnerships. Mankind’s Future Hangs on Genetic Diversity A look at efforts to preserve what may one day be our saving grace. Moving Nanotechnology into Seed Treatments One company and one product could bring a step- change to the industry. Strategic Engagement Positions ISF for Success Identifying partners. Building trust. Working toward a common goal. Features 4 6 10 14 22 24 26 40 42 14 40 06 42