JUNE 2018 SEEDWORLD.COM / 17 Sorter Explorer Robotics and Machine Learning for the Seed Industry Discover innovative new sorting solutions for corn, soybean and wheat CONTACT US FOR MORE INFORMATION sales@qualysense.com +41 44 824 35 86 qualysense.com Sorter Explorer Increase Purity and Eliminate Discards Is your batch not meeting purity specs for germination, hybridity (selfs) and physical purity? Do you have to discard inventory because you cannot remove out of specs? Our experts can help you implement cus- tomized sorting solutions that will increase purity and release your product out the door! Every Kernel Counts Tired of inefficiencies during cleaning and sorting because you lose too many good seeds? Do you have to reclean and repass multiple times during peak season? At QualySense, every kernel counts! Our goal is to put more money in our customers’ pocket by reducing waste and increasing productivity. Better Inbred Lines with Less Cost How many thousands of seeds do you have to waste during testing before releasing a few right inbred lines to the next genera- tion? QSorter lets you enhance population size to come up with better inbred lines and reduces wet-chem, molecular testing and green housing by using targeted identifi- cation. How the QSorter Technology Works The proprietary and unique QSorter technology combines robotics and machine learning to measure multiple quality param- eters of each seed in just one pass at the speed of light, from 20 to 4,000 seeds per second. Seeds are first analyzed with 3D imaging and hyperspectral spectroscopy so that external and internal traits can be measured and then sorted with a 99% accuracy. Today, market leaders have adopted QualySense’s sorting solutions across 3 continents and are boosting efficien- cy in various fields, from R&D to production. Belkin and Do More Ag echo the same solution: com- munication. “In our global economy, I don’t believe it is feasible or possible for many businesses to completely cut off elec- tronic communications out- side regular working hours.” Belkin says. “But it is feasible, possible and necessary to set clear organizational expec- tations that free employees from emotional exhaustion and chronic stress.” Do More Ag states on their website that, “Agriculture is an industry with a foundation of deep rural roots, hard work, resilience, strength and com- munity. In order to uphold that image, those traits can also be the industry’s weakness as they become barriers for speaking up and seeking help.” WHERE ON THE WEB www.domore.ag 35% of producers met the criteria for depression. 45% were classified as having high stress. 58% met the criteria for having anxiety. There’s nothing wrong with seeking help and discussing mental health and work-life balance with others, and there’s nothing wrong with asking for healthy disconnect hours. “The single most important thing organizational leaders can do is let their employees know they care about them,” Belkin says. “You want them to spend time with family and friends to replenish their resources when they’re not working.” “Words matter. Conversations matter,” Kelly says. SW “Failing to protect your emotional and cognitive resources will eventually lead to burnout.” — Liuba Belkin