ASIAN SEED − 29 To help APSA members track and identify emerging climate and weather trends and patterns – whether in respect to the adverse impact on agricultural productivity from flooding, drought, frost, snow, hailstorms, volcanic eruptions or pest and disease infestations – we’ve started an initiative to track crop loss in an online map and database. Since weather is concerned with short term patterns, and climate the long term, it will thus require continuous tracking to confidently discern between freak anomalies, and emerging long-term patterns. But as the legendary quote by Lao Tzu goes, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. Come, join the journey with Asian Seed. The full mapping data, complete with summaries, damage assessments and references for pinpointed climate-in- duced crop loss events, is availble via Google MyMaps and KMZ format (Google Earth) Good Standing APSA mem- bers, as well as keen researchers, may request access, by emailing Members in mainland China, can obtain the raw data spreadsheets, by emailing CROP LOSS KEY Flood, Storm, Deluge, Cyclone Drought, Moisture Stress Pest, Disease Infestation Volcanic, Hail, Geomagnetic Frost, Snow, Blizzard Heat wave, stress MAPPING REGIONAL CROP LOSS TRENDS Data Credits Crop Loss Data Points Mapped by APSA, Contact