for Curtis & Curtis Inc., a third-generation family-owned business in Clovis, N.M., that specializes in native forbs, wildflowers and native grasses. With a niche market, the team at Curtis & Curtis hand collects seed and harvests with a combine, depending on the restoration site and its needs. Another company that specializes in hand collections is Pacific Coast Seed, a California-based company that’s been in business for 35 years. David Gilpin, president of Pacific Coast Seed, has a love for plants and the land. “I really enjoy the rare trips I get to make with my crews to ... make wild collections and then we are able to return the seed to the land,” Gilpin says. “The process of watching some of the large scale restoration jobs start from searching out new plants in new environments to growing them and delivering them back to the project, and then going back some years later to see how the project has developed is very rewarding.” Peabody explains that it’s important to get new seed into the ground because it starts the soil stabilization process. “We need to get something in there that has quick establish- ment that will cover the ground and provide the soil stabilization and keep the soil from eroding,” he says. “There’s a good chance for these highly erodible areas to wash away so we need prod- ucts with quick establishment and that also provide long-term solutions, such as habitat for wildlife.” On the Ground Long before the seed is planted to restore damaged sites, the men and women working for these companies are hard at work to ensure quality seed. While each company is structured a bit differently in its busi- ness model, all place an emphasis on quality. Wayne and Jacie Jensen are seed growers in Genesse, Idaho, for Clearwater Seed. Jacie has dedicated her life to collecting and preserving native species in the Paradise Ridge area. Some of the plants she’s working with are very labor intensive and are hand har- vested, such as catchfly which is sold in grams. 90 / SEEDWORLD.COM DECEMBER 2018 From Left: Mark Peabody, Curtis & Curtis, Inc. general manager; David Gilpin, Pacific Coast Seed president; Mark Mustoe, Clearwater Seed president. Orlin Reinbold, Landmark Turf and Native Seed. Dustin Terrell, Buffalo Brand Seed LLC. A Clearwater Seed seed grower, Jacie Jensen and her husband grow unique species for native and conservation seed uses. Pacific Coast Seed reseeded part of the Butte, Calif., fire site.