6 / SEEDWORLD.COM DECEMBER 2018 CONTENTS/DECEMBER2018 Special Section INSIDERS Experts from around the seed industry and those who service it share their perspectives and provide recommendations on everything from seed treatments to equipment and from engineering to content marketing — with the goal of helping you make better, more informed business decisions. 23 Columns 28 86 108 Seed Innovation and Protection Alliance Seed cannot be saved due to various laws; however, there may be some limited occasions where seed may be saved in the United States. International Agriculture Development Soybean helps rebuild Nigeria post conflict. The Risk Corner Run for Cover: Cropping up better soil In Every Issue Strategy Just how much of an impact do equipment settings, seed treatment adherence and lubricants have on yields? It’s greater than what you might think. Cross Pollination Regulatory Roundup World Status Industry News Since 1915 52 126 128 130 132 142 A Slice of Bred and Butter for the Gluten Intolerant? Researchers are using gene editing with the hopes of modifying the protein of wheat to help those with celiac disease. Study Examines No-Till Incentives What would it take to get farmers to adopt no-till, and how might an incentive program be structured? The numbers might surprise you. Why Kurtis Baute Sealed Himself in a Greenhouse To spark conversion about climate change, this B.C.-based “whimsical scientist” lived in a jar for 14 hours. Here’s how he did it and what he learned. Spotlight on the Western Seed Association A place where the seed industry connects, trades and recognizes early-career individuals. 110 114 116 120 Features, continued 120 116