What separates Meridian & Convey-All from the competition is our high end engineering and design capabilities. We know how to address the specific and unique needs of our seed site customers. In addition to our product offering, we provide important value added services to ensure success at all stages of a client project. Some of these value-added services include: • Working with the dealer on the initial site layout • Collaborating with the dealer to conceptualize equipment options and the ideal solution • Supplying equipment drawings and specifications • Provide detailed site specific cad drawings CUSTOM DESIGN & ENGINEERING At Meridian & Convey-All, our commitment is to never settle on ‘good enough’. We’ll take the time to ensure that quality materials and components are used and installed properly. We’ll oversee each step by using tried and proven materials and practices. We are continually investing in the latest technology, equipment and training programs in an ongoing effort to carefully design and develop the most efficient and durable products. Robots are utilized in highly repetitive and tight welding spots to ensure unsurpassed welding quality and the whole process is shaped by our engineering plans that cover the scope and complexity of the project. QUALITY AT EVERY STAGE √2 √1 DESCRIPTION PART # QTY ITEM SM1620-40-35 FC-DBD-SM1620 6 1 SM1412-45-35 FC-DBD-1412 1 2 45FT FLOOR MOUNT CONVEYOR RED 47341 1 3 35FT A-FRAME CONVEYOR ASSY RED 47332 1 4 FC-DBP-100 PROJECT/CUSTOMER NAME: SEED SITE LAYOUT PART DESCRIPTION: FARMCHEM - DOUBLE DIAMO MB) A PART/DRAWING NUMBER: REV: 9/15/2017 AW DRAWN BY DATE: DRAWN BY: THIS DRAWING IS THE EXCLUSIVE PROPERTY OF MERIDIAN MFG INC. DUPLICATION BY ANY MEANS IS PROHIBITED WITHOUT PERMISSION FROM MERIDIAN MFG INC. www.meridianmfg.com CHECKED BY: 18'-7" 10'-3" 22'-0" 36'-10" 28'-4" 4 1 2 3 YOUR PARTNERS IN SEED STORAGE