804-514-9189 processvis.com 281-276-3600 satake-usa.com PROCESS V I S I O N S E E D S O L U T I O N S See us along with Satake in Booth 401 at ASTA Seed Expo Is Your Quality Quantitative? Is Your Operation Really Data-Based? Every lot started with a count per pound for planning, was processed, and ended with a count per pound for packaging. But in the world of Precision Ag you can know so much more. Since you need count per pound data anyway, why wouldn’t you get it from a vision system? …from a system that also gives you information on physical properties such as size, shape, colour …from a process that presents the sample settled to a uniform orientation on the imaging stage …from an image that makes comparisons from seed to seed and image to image truly meaningful. What can you “Harvest” from your data to improve your operation? We make data collection seamless. For more information or to schedule a demonstration, contact us at info@processvis.com.