70 / SEEDWORLD.COM DECEMBER 2018 BASF: Optimizing Footprint The past few months has seen BASF grow its business and global footprint with the acquisition of multiple Bayer product lines including seeds, seed treat- ments and herbicides, along with tech- nology and research platforms, such as xarvio. The transaction also included the transfer of some Bayer employees and multiple facilities to BASF. According to Vincent Gros, senior vice president for Global Integration Management in BASF’s Agricultural Solutions segment, the company’s hold- ings now include an additional five chemi- cal production and formulation sites, 17 research and development sites and more than 200 regional seed production and breeding facilities around the world. “As always, we evaluate opportunities to optimize our footprint to ensure we have the appropriate resources in place for the future,” he said. More than 4,500 former Bayer employees officially joined BASF’s ranks in August; of those, approximately 1,600 are based in North America. “Like all new BASF colleagues, they have joined onboarding programs, which include training on compliance and other key processes,” Gros noted. Since the acquisition was finalized in August of this year, staff has been work- ing on plans to structurally integrate their new businesses and by January 2019, observers can expect to see the company start to implement those plans. One thing that won’t change going into the 2019 growing season is product names but, Gros said, “we are currently in the discovery phase and working closely with our newly-joined colleagues to design the path forward for all products and brands in every region.” Syngenta: Doubling Down Syngenta, acquired by ChemChina in 2017, said their company is at a particu- larly exciting phase in their transition. “Syngenta has remained Syngenta. With a private owner who takes a long view, we’re able to focus on our custom- ers and on providing growers with the products, services and innovation in crop Vincent Gros serves as senior vice president for Global Integration Management at BASF. Jeff Rowe serves as president of global seeds for North America and China at Syngenta.