4 / SEEDWORLD.COM DECEMBER 2018 CONTENTS/DECEMBER2018 Features, continued Does IP Hinder Innovation? Seed World asked the question, “how does intellectual property impact research?” One expert turned this question on its head. No Access, No Benefits What it takes for a seed company to keep track of their genetic resources. Labor Pool More of a Muddy River Labor is not only more difficult to find but it’s also harder to keep. Supersized Seed Acquisitions, mergers change the business landscape. Recharging the Landscape A small but vibrant sector of the seed industry gives land new life. Q&A with Kent Schescke The Agriculture Science and Technology (CAST) executive vice president talks about the council’s objectives. Q&A with Ashley Harlow Coming into the seed industry in 2012, the LG Seeds business manager talks about what drives her and what she enjoys about FuSE. Q&A with Mark Massoudi The president of Ag Biotech, Inc., shares his excitement for fixing things at the DNA level and his excitement for Ag Biotech’s new Seed Health Lab. Seed Morphology Gets a Boost A new international association aims to strengthen a crucial area of expertise. What is the World Seed Partnership? Organizations collaborate to help countries develop new seed system frameworks. 44 46 56 68 88 94 96 98 100 106 56 68 “What we do is critical to putting the environment back to what it was originally, before the fires, before the mines, oilfields and wind turbine sites.” — Mark Peabody / page 88 96