42 / SEEDWORLD.COM DECEMBER 2018 atferrell.com Coming Soon to your local Clipper Dealer. The Clipper Prelude Pro 826 is an eight-screen cleaner that utilizes a single 52" length scalping deck in the top shoe and two 86" length screen decks in the bottom shoe. The bottom shoe assembly offers a scalp-sift flow or a 2-way split sift flow. It has a capacity of up to 400 BPH for soybeans. The compact design allows installation into existing locations with limited space. The Clipper Prelude Pro 826 is just one more innovation from our factory right here in the American heartland. In fact, innovation is the lifeblood of our brands and it fuels everything we do, from machinery concept and design to marketing and sales. That’s why we look forward to the next 150 years of products that are “Engineered Without Compromise.” The NEW Clipper Prelude Pro 826 Checks All the Boxes m Bigger capacity m Smaller footprint m Better value ü ü ü All rights reserved. © 2018 A.T. Ferrell Company Inc. Client: AT Ferrell Publication: Seed World Agency: ON Communication Inc 7025 - Clipper Prelude Pro 826 Teaser Ad 2018 FINAL-SW.indd 1 2018-10-26 2:32 PM expected to rise from $3.19 billion in 2017 to $6.28 billion by 2022. Chris Donegan, cofounder of Invention Capital Associates, co-wrote: “The power of CRISPR is extraordinary: it has already been used to reverse muscular dystrophy in living mammals and as a live editing tool for our genome, it has the potential to be the most powerful discover in history.” As far as the seed industry goes, Pioneer (turned DowDuPont, turned Corteva Agriscience) had the foresight to corral licenses to the intellectual property from both the UC-Berkeley and the Broad teams. The company is now the single biggest owner of CRISPR patents and applications glob- ally with 514, or 12 percent of the total. The company uses CRISPR to develop corn and soybean crops that repel insects without chemical pesticides and that tolerate herbicides for easier control. According to a Bloomberg article, since the end of 2016, about 100 new inventions are being disclosed every month. “The market concerns I have heard is that the CRISPR patent landscape is very large, very confusing and difficult to navigate,” says Kristin Neuman, executive director for Biotechnology Licensing at MPEG LA, a group that’s trying to develop a patent pool. Neuman says it’s hard for people to figure out what rights they need to license and who they need to license. This patent pool would serve as a one-stop shop for anyone wanting to license the basic technology, no matter which enzyme variant is used. Billions of dollars in licensing agreements is at stake. Either way the court goes, the companies licensing from the losing party will have to seek new license agreements from the party that prevails. This could impact company stocks and time to market with products in development. SW Delivery - Exosome Delivery - Liposomes Delivery - Microvesicle Delivery - Nanoparticle Mediator - Cas9 Mediator - Cpf1 Mediator - gRNA Mediator - PAM Mediator - TracrRNA Use - Diagnosis Use - Gene Editing Use - Gene Therapy Use - Formulation Use - Regulating Use - Targeting Vector - Bacterial Vector - Plasmid Vector - Viral 46 Inventions 125 25 168 1156 82 959 190 278 1010 161 147 250 131 222 452 579 19 CRISPR TECHNICAL APPROACHES