36 / SEEDWORLD.COM DECEMBER 2018 8 At the 69th International Seed Federation World Seed Congress in Brisbane, Australia, the General Assembly put forward eight position papers to support the delivery of the federation’s strategic objectives. The position papers included “Consistent Criteria For The Scope Of Regulatory Oversight” and “Illegal Seed Practices — A Threat to Farmer Livelihoods, Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture.” The number of members of the Plant Breeding Coordinating Committee, which is a multistate committee formed by the United States Department of Agriculture and state agricultural experimental stations and land-grant universities. Each state with a breeding program appoints a member to the committee, representing 44 states. “That gives you the power to pool all that brain power and move agendas forward, having an effect in each individual state,” says Ksenija Gasic, PBCC chair and associate professor of horticulture, peach genetics and breeding at Clemson University. 44 Position Syngenta aims for as a global seed leader. “Our vision is to become a more competitive seed supplier through a major investment in people, products, facilities, R&D and marketing. We are delivering on our promise as a trusted provider of Agrisure traits and high-performing genetics. Changing mindsets really begins with creating an understanding of why that’s possible, and creating belief internally and externally,” says David Hollinrake, president of Syngenta Seeds. Giant Numbers # 2 The number of countries represented at the 69th International Seed Federation World Seed Congress. 62 The year turf and forage grass companies Pure-Seed Testing and Pure Seed were established in Oregon, when the Plant Variety Protection Act was formed. “Because of the PVP act, we were able to form Pure Seed-Testing, and put money into research to start developing grasses — and we’ve been doing that ever since,” shares Crystal Fricker, president of Pure-Seed Testing and Pure Seed. 1970 The number of registered participants at the 69th ISF World Seed Congress. The high attendance rate surprised congress organizers because of the distances some industry stakeholders had to travel to Brisbane, Australia. “It shows the dynamics of the seed industry, and even if it’s far away, this wonderful country attracted many people,” said Michael Keller, ISF secretary general. 1,250 “Independent seed companies in the United States represent about 20 – 22 percent of all corn and soybeans purchased by farmers,” says Todd Martin, CEO of the Independent Professional Seed Association. 22% 2018 GIANT VIEWS OF THE INDUSTRY