DECEMBER 2018 SEEDWORLD.COM / 1 CONTENTS/DECEMBER2018 Investment in Modern Ag When informing the public about modern agriculture, one initiative goes prime time. Diversity Paves the Way for Progress The rural Ohio farm Jerry Flint grew up on provided experience and perspective that still serves him today. Food Pattern Shifts The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development and Food and Agriculture Organization released the Agriculture Outlook 2018-2027. Fueling Corn Demand? Year-round sales of E15 ethanol could drive farmers to plant more corn acres than previously planned. Research Uproots Weeds As U.S. sorghum growers voice concerns about the lack of weed control options, the Sorghum Checkoff has funded projects to help provide answers. Giant Views: Bridge the Head and Heart Seed industry leaders speak out about the importance of trust and relationships. Protecting Pollinators Treated seed safety stays top of mind. Who Owns CRISPR? The question is unanswered, but one life science company had the foresight to corral the right licensing agreements from both inventing parties. Features 10 12 14 18 20 30 38 40 30 40 14