BIOST™ Nematicide 100 delivers: · User friendly formulation, non-living active ingredient in a very stable formulation which is compatible with many synthetic and biological seed treatment formulations · OMRI certified product and does not require a closed system for treating. · Supports sustainable agriculture initiatives. For more information on the BIOST™ Nematicide 100 contact a member of the Albaugh Seed Treatment Technology Team. Jay Stroh @, David Winston @ or Lee Stewart @ Refer to the product label for complete directions and instructions. BIOST™ is a trademark of Albaugh, LLC. *Crop yield claims based on field research trials conducted over the past 2 years. Results will vary based variety/hybrid selection, growing conditions and nematode pressure associated with each field. INNOVATIVE SEED TREATMENT TECHNOLOGY THAT DELIVERS MORE THAN YOUR STANDARD NEMATICIDE… EPA Reg. No. 84059-14-42750 AD100115 Innovation that Delivers Value · Unique chemistry that provides nematode and insect protection · Broad spectrum nematicide for use in soybeans, corn and cotton with activity on Soybean Cyst, Reniform, Root Not, Sting, Lesion and other nematodes · Provides a dual mode of action when using with a neonicitonoid seed treatment on key pest like seed corn maggot, wireworms and corn root worm · Performance tested with universities across multiple years versus commercial standards resulted in yield increases + 100 # lint/acre in Cotton* + 3 bu/ acre in Soybeans* + 15 bu/ acre in Corn*