140 / SEEDWORLD.COM DECEMBER 2018 CIMMYT announced the release of a set of 26 new CIMMYT maize lines (CMLs). These CMLs were developed by the CIMMYT Global Maize Program’s multi-disciplinary teams of scientists at breeding locations in sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and Asia. These lines are adapted to the tropical/subtropical maize production environments targeted by CIMMYT and partner institutions. Corteva Agriscience announced plans to rename Vellozine active to Reklemel active, effective immediately. Reklemel is a novel sulfonamide nematicide with a unique mode of action against plant- parasitic nematodes, which differentiates it from other nematicides on the market. Beck’s announced the release of the Return on Investment “ROI” Calculator tool in FARMserver, their precision farming software. This newly launched ROI tool will allow users to view average profit or loss per acre on their operation based on Purdue University’s Crop Cost and Return Guide. Land O’Lakes SUSTAIN announced its plan to roll out the Truterra Insights Engine, an interactive on-farm digital platform that will help farmers advance their stewardship goals and return-on-investment in real time, acre-by-acre and help food companies measure sustainability progress. Snacks, raw products and the consumption of fresh products at any time of the day is a current trend. Rijk Zwaan presented a new convenience concept called Snack Lettuce. The snack-sized lettuce has been specially developed for warm preparation, keeping its firm and crunchy bite. The lettuce spoon is tasty and sweet and brings new solutions and possibilities to the modern cuisine. An additional advantage of Snack Lettuce is the reduction of plastic, when using it as an edible cup. SW