Research Plot Harvesters Research Plot Harvesters Engineered to Your Specs Engineered to Your Specs RCI Custom Research Plot Equipment RCI develops custom plot equipment for each customer’s needs. RCI has several existing platforms to build to your exact needs and can develop new platforms as needed. From concept to field, RCI develops solutions entirely in-house and delivers products complete after testing with manuals and product support. Specialties include: • Plot Harvesting • Product Application • NIR Sensor Adaptation • Plot Treatment • Sample Processing RCI also offers modifications and add-on solutions to existing equipment. Call today to find out how RCI can build the equipment designed to fit your specific needs! RCI is a provider of Research Plot Harvesters for hay, forage, and biomass. Products include: • 36A and 48A Harvesters for use on front mowers • 30A and 130S Plot Samplers for use on Self-Propelled Forage Harvesters • 1250P Self-Propelled Forage Harvester • RCI Aurora NIR portable NIR analyzer These products allow the harvest of plots while recording necessary data using RCI’s PlotPro software. RCI also integrates NIR sensors to plot harvesters for the recording of constituents based on customer needs. For complete product details visit us at 208 River Knoll Drive Mayville, WI 53050 Fax: 920-387-9806 Call RCI Toll Free at 888-472-4552 or visit online at ©2018 RCI Engineering LLC. All rights reserved. RCI Engineering reserves the right to make changes in design or appearance without incurring any obligations related to those changes. Images shown may not be representative of final production unit. RCI Custom Research Plot Equipment