Leafy Corn Silage Hybrids have been trusted by dairy operators to produce high quality feed dependably and economically since 1992. Glenn Seed has bred and tested Leafies for the complex agronomic and nutritional requirements of the dairy. They offer a superior balance of effective and digestible fiber, more rumen-available starch, and boast dairy specific agronomics such as high total plant yields and long harvest windows. with Glenn silage-specific genetics: floury LEAFY CORN SILAGE floury LEAFY CORN SILAGE www.glennseed.com | 8726 Talbot Trail, RR1, Blenheim, Ontario, Canada | 519.676.3813 | info@glennseed.com GLENN SEED LTD Feed Corn Breeding Since 1980 Big ears that produce large, soft, slow-drying kernels for a boost in starch digestibility 10” 9” 8” 7” 6” 5” 4” 3” 2” 1” 0” Big plants that produce a high yield of digestible fiber REACH NEW CUSTOMERS Test our hybrids in 2019! Hybrid Maturities of: 75-115 DRM FAO 250-700 Available as: Traited, Conventional & Non-GMO