EPA Approves Fortenza Seed Treatment for Corn, Cotton


Today (May 25), the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency approved Syngenta’s seed treatment insecticide,Fortenza, for use in corn and cotton.

The active ingredient in Fortenza, cyantraniliprole, is labeled to protect against above- and below-ground insects, including black cutworm, fall armyworm, white grub, seedcorn maggot and wireworm. This is especially important to growers who are located in areas with high cutworm history.

“We designed Fortenza to complement our brands containing Cruiser insecticide, and data shows combining these products enhances the spectrum of insect control activity, raising the bar of protection for U.S. growers,” says Dale Ireland, Syngenta Seedcare technical product lead. “This combination will provide the most comprehensive early-season insect protection in the corn seed treatment market.”

In corn particularly, Fortenza seed treatment insecticide is a great tool for growers who need a corn hybrid with black cutworm susceptibility, according to Syngenta. Fortenza might also help manage insect resistance, when used in combination with other insecticide chemistries or traits, by providing an additional mode of action against targeted insects.

“From the moment our crops are planted, every seed is at risk for pest infestation,” shares Palle Pedersen, Syngenta Seedcare head of product marketing. “Fortenza will help protect emerging corn and cotton plants against insect damage from day one, leading to vigorous crop establishment and increased stand, which will help maximize the return and genetic potential on a grower’s seed investment.”

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