During this year’s Commodity Classic, DuPont Pioneer is launching a new suite of Encirca tools, which will allow growers to conceptualize their operational data and use those insights to make and validate critical decisions throughout the growing season.

New analytic capabilities within Encirca services also allow growers to more critically analyze harvest results to understand what happened in their fields during the growing season. With each crop cycle, growers can make more informed decisions to improve productivity and profitability.

“The new Encirca services online platform gives growers a fast, simple and intuitive way to see their path to success all year long, year after year,” says Eric Boeck, DuPont Pioneer marketing director for Encirca services. “We’re confident that growers who leverage their historical yield data and as-applied operational data with these new tools will see advantages personally and financially.”

Getting started with the tools and insights from Encirca services is easy. The web-based dashboard integrates seamlessly with current Encirca services, which continue to keep growers in control of their operational data and user experience. It pulls together and conceptualizes a grower’s field operations data for monitoring, managing, evaluating and creating variable-rate prescriptions for nitrogen, soil fertility and enhanced variable-rate seeding.

For example, the new weather explorer tool lets growers compare historical and current weather information across variables such as precipitation, high and low temperatures, and growing degree units for all their fields. Similarly, the new yield explorer tool lets them evaluate their operation’s performance and determine which farms and fields are the highest yielding.

“We’re showing growers what their data can and should be doing for their operation,” Boeck says. “Through the Encirca services dashboard, growers can get clearer pictures of their operational performance than they’ve ever had before.”

Growers can test drive the current service offerings for free by visiting the Encirca website.