December 2017

Despite fears about doing so, scientists can openly talk about the reality of global warming. Looking ahead to the future, we bring perspectives to the forefront from five of our 2017 Giants. You will also learn about the FBI – former seed industry professionals who help startups through their company Finding Black Ink. In this issue, you will also learn about the next frontier of genetics, epigenetics. Also, with the Canadian government poised to legalize marijuana in 2018, what will that mean for the malt barley industry? And scientists aboard the International Space Station are conducting seed experiments to see if humans can grow food in space if we ever colonize space. We hope you enjoy the wide range of topics in this issue.

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How Quality Seed Helped World Food Prize Winner Alleviate Poverty

For the winner of this year’s World Food Prize, the secret to lifting millions of smallholder African farmers out of poverty has been in giving them access to better...

AI: The Most Important Agriculture Innovation in Our Time

Note: This is the third in a four-part series. The 2014 movie Interstellar was a hit both at the box office and among critics, taking home a visual effects Oscar for...