December 2017

Despite fears about doing so, scientists can openly talk about the reality of global warming. Looking ahead to the future, we bring perspectives to the forefront from five of our 2017 Giants. You will also learn about the FBI – former seed industry professionals who help startups through their company Finding Black Ink. In this issue, you will also learn about the next frontier of genetics, epigenetics. Also, with the Canadian government poised to legalize marijuana in 2018, what will that mean for the malt barley industry? And scientists aboard the International Space Station are conducting seed experiments to see if humans can grow food in space if we ever colonize space. We hope you enjoy the wide range of topics in this issue.

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AI: The Most Important Agriculture Innovation in Our Time

Note: This is the third in a four-part series. The 2014 movie Interstellar was a hit both at the box office and among critics, taking home a visual effects Oscar for...
Shawn Conley

Q&A with Shawn Conley: Coolbeans and Soybeans

University of Wisconsin at Madison’s Shawn Conley shares about the versatility of soybeans and his children’s book Coolbean the Soybean. Seed World: What’s your favorite film? Shawn Conley: My favorite movie...

Here’s What You Need to Know About Biologicals

Experts weigh in on biological seed-applied solutions and the role they play in helping growers make money. Seed World: What are biologicals designed to do? How do they work? Mark Howieson:...

Seed Association of The Americas

An organization to fully represent the interests of the entire seed industry within the Americas. The main purposes of the Seed Association of the Americas (SAA) are to educate and...

Status China: China Open to GM Crops After ChemChina’s Purchase of Syngenta

Expectations that China will become more open to GM crops in the aftermath of ChemChina’s purchase of Syngenta are receiving little official government support. Although China President Xi Jinping has...

Dave Carey (CSTA) Canadian Leadership in Industry, Better Seed Better Life, Seed Synergy

Dave Carey, Executive Director for CSTA talks with Shawn Brook at ASTA CSS 2017 & Seed Expo in Chicago, Illinois from December 4-7, 2017.

Something Revolutionary

It’s what sorghum farmers need, and researchers are delivering. In a few short years, sorghum farmers might be inundated with new hybrids from which to choose thanks to the discovery...

Status Australia: CSD Finishes Work on Seed Processing Plant

Work on the buildings and roadwork for a $90 million redevelopment of the Cotton Seed Distributors’ (CSD’s) cotton seed processing plant and laboratory – near Wee Waa, Australia, 350...
climate change

We Need to Talk About Climate Change

Despite fears about doing so, scientists can talk openly about the reality of global warming. There are some clever ways to help you do so. It’s hard to believe that...
cover crop

Finding New Cover Crop Varieties

Few new varieties are being developed specifically for cover crops, as most are being selected. For the last five years, the USDA SARE annual cover crop survey has reported increasing...
Jeff Shaner

Q&A with Jeff Shaner: Don’t Make Decisions Based On Fear

Jeff Shaner, regional seed and technology manager and soybean product lead at AgVenture, shares advice on soybean selection and travel destinations. Seed World: What is your favorite book? Jeff Shaner: Bury...

Exploring the Next Frontier of Genetics

For researchers studying epigenetics, looking at the surface of the genome could be the key to discovering the next big thing in plant and seed engineering. Classical genetics has been...

AOSCA Certifications Have Global Influence

Uniform seed certification standards maintain varietal purity. In 1862, President Abraham Lincoln signed the Morrill Land Grant Acts, which gave 17.4 million acres of federal land to states to establish...

Helping Wheat Growers Increase Farm Profitability

These days, growing wheat is becoming an increasingly tough choice in the U.S. Wheat prices are low, making farm profitability difficult, while innovations in soybean and corn are allowing...

ISSS Looks at Seeds as Systems

The International Society for Seed Science showcases groundbreaking research at its 12th triennial conference. Seeds may be tiny, but that doesn’t make them any less powerful. These miniature powerhouses are...

Gregory Ginisty (Bayer CropScience) ASTA Pivotal Meeting, Poncho Votivo 2.0 Available in 2018

Gregory Ginisty, SeedGrowth Product Manager for Bayer CropScience talks with Shawn Brook at ASTA CSS 2017 & Seed Expo in Chicago, Illinois from December 4-7, 2017.

Michelle Klieger (ASTA) Relationships with ISF, SAA; Working with China and Canada

Michelle Klieger, Director, International Programs and Policy for ASTA talks with Shawn Brook at ASTA CSS 2017 & Seed Expo in Chicago, Illinois from December 4-7, 2017.
David Hollinrake

Q&A with David Hollinrake: Changing Mindsets for Seed

David Hollinrake, North American President of Syngenta Seeds, speaks about changing mindsets from crops to seeds at Syngenta. Seed World: What are you reading currently? David Hollinrake: “Never Eat Alone” by...
corn breeding

Innovation Broadens Scope of Corn Breeding Capabilities

No matter the path taken to get there, one goal for corn breeders remains the same: developing hybrids that can lower costs and increase yields for farmers. As the...

Jeremiah Mullock (Bayer CropScience) Focusing on Grower Needs & Driving Results with Science

Jeremiah Mullock, Technical Service Representative – SeedGrowth for Bayer CropScience talks with Shawn Brook at ASTA CSS 2017 & Seed Expo in Chicago, Illinois from December 4-7, 2017.