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    December 2015

    In this issue, discover what seed industry leaders around the globe are focused on. We’ve included perspective from those at multinational companies, independent and private businesses as well as non-governmental organizations. This special issue commemorates Seed World’s 100th anniversary and dives into what needs to be done to meet that grand challenge of #FeedingThe9 by 2050 with a focus on soil health, genetic diversity, biologicals and making better use of today’s science and technology. In addition, you’ll learn about insect pressure on corn and what tools companies are and have developed to help farmers win the battle. There’s also a special 2016 Buyer’s Guide that features the products and services targeted toward those in the seed industry. This issue packed with content – be sure to check it out.

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    From the Floor – ASTA CSS 2015 & Seed Expo – Haldrup – Tamra...

    Tamra Boucher, Managing Director of Haldrup USA speaks from the floor at ASTA CSS 2015 & Seed Expo.

    Crosby Devitt (CSTA) Seed Industry Importance, Positive Promotion, Restrictions, Canadian Growth

    Giant Views: Crosby Devitt, Executive Director, CSTA ASTA CSS 2015 and Seed Expo December 7 - 11, 2015 Chicago, Illinois.

    Mike Gumina (Rice Tec) Rice Production Challenges, Hybrid Rice Water Consumption Solution

    Giant Views: Mike Gumina, Global CEO Rice Tec ASTA CSS 2015 and Seed Expo December 7 - 11, 2015 Chicago, Illinois.

    The First Organic GMO

    Organic activists would like you to believe their brand preexists in nature the way fresh air and clean water do. It does not. Organic food only exists because we have come...

    Think Twice Before Replanting Soybeans

    Adam P. Gaspar, Shawn P. Conley, & John M. Gaska, Deptartment of Agronomy, University of Wisconsin-Madison About the Author Adam Gaspar is a graduate student in the Department of Agronomy at the...

    3MG Goes Counter Culture

    One Minnesota man works to push conventional yields higher. Going just the opposite of the ‘big players’ in the seed world sounds like a recipe for disaster! But not so...

    From the Floor – ASTA CSS 2015 & Seed Expo – ABM – Pete...

    Pete Hayes, Vice President of Marketing for ABM speaks from the floor at ASTA CSS 2015 & Seed Expo.

    Plant Breeders Share All

    Two plant breeders talk about the now and take a look into the future. MEET THE PLANT BREEDERS: Jennifer Yates As the Latin America plant health and native traits lead for Monsanto’s...

    Could Your Seed Catalog be Written by a Robot?

    Do you have lots of useful data but lack the time to analyze it or compile results into reports? New “robotic writers” could be your solution and help free up...

    Plant Pathogens on the Prowl

    As global trade expands and the climate changes, experts predict the battle against pathogens will only intensify. Since the dawn of agriculture, pests and diseases have challenged humanity’s ability to...

    The Quest to Predict Yield

    Often hard to predict, yield sets the foundation for crop improvement, and researchers are deploying new tools that measure phenotype with the hopes of more accurately predicting yield over...

    Giants by the Numbers

    4 Years Time it takes to deliver a biological seed treatment to the market. In seeking to help protect seeds and improve their yield potential, companies turn their focus to...

    Giant Highlights

    Our “Giants of the Industry” share what they’ve been working, as well as their advice and expertise from how to better communicate about science and technology to attracting the...

    Microbials Move to Mainstream

    Beneficial bacteria show promise for environment, bottom lines. Farmers growing soybeans in the 1800s would notice that the crop did quite well in certain fields while struggling in others. Water,...

    Breeding Better Through Software

    Technology can help breeders keep pace with science. Not to belabor a worn out joke, but … Plant breeding? Yes, there’s an app for that. In fact there are several, and...