Jason Mize Seed Treatment Business Development Lead, Nufarm

I have been involved with marketing crop production and seed treatment products to seed dealers and retailers for more than 25 years and have worked with customers producing crops across the entire country. I cannot imagine a better career. The most enjoyable part of this business–and the key to sustained success–is to always put the individual customer first, recognizing each customer as a unique person. You cannot paint everyone with a broad brush and assume they all have the same wants and needs. Paint everyone with a very fine brush highlighting their needs and develop solutions to meet them. That is how we strive to make doing business much easier. 

I am fortunate to be with a company that provides both ready-made, off the shelf products and custom blended solutions. When you put your customers first, you realize everyone has a different plan for how they want to market their brand and sell their products. You have to be attuned to those needs. Some want to have a relationship sale and others want to be very detailed and business oriented. You cannot use a broad brush and paint everyone the same.

Seed treatment products deliver innovation and to me it’s all about the value those products bring. The more knowledge you have about your products, the more you can help your customer understand the value that your products provide. This in turn will help your customer deliver more value to farmers and enable them to be more sustainable and profitable in the long term.

If there is any broad-brush assessment it is that retailers and seed dealers all want to help their customers grow as much fiber or grain as they can with the inputs used on that crop. To that extent I am not marketing seed treatment products, I am helping farmers put more product in their hoppers and trucks. Every farmer and every field has a different story to tell. Put your customers first, paint them with a fine brush and that will make business easier and more enjoyable for everyone.