When it comes to Total Seed Production, you always know what you’re going to get.

Consistency doesn’t seem like it would be difficult to define, but consistency can mean different things to different businesses. At Total Seed Production, we believe that consistency means smooth processes and excellent communication throughout our business.

Total Seed Production recognizes the importance of consistency. It not only gives you high-quality products but also high-quality customer service, communication and data to effectively operate and run your company.

We have a quote that helps us think through the idea of consistency from Shep Hyken: “Consistency doesn’t mean you never have a problem. It means your customers can count on you if there ever is a problem.”

With our consistent customer service, we’re here for any problem that might happen. No matter your scope or size, we treat every customer exactly the same, and we push this service further by handling a customer as if we ourselves were the customer. Once you call, we’ll drop everything to handle your request, because that’s how we want businesses to treat us. Whatever the job, it will become our No. 1 priority for that day.

Have you ever heard of the word “customership?” We like to use it at Total Seed Production! We believe it means that you’re able to be ahead of requests and demands by anticipating what the customer needs. We focus on our customer relations, master the requests asked of us and deliver on items that we know our customers need. This idea of “customership” helps our customer service consistency because we’ll always be thinking of our brands while we work.

From our consistency in customer service, we are able to create a high-quality product for our brands. We know that agriculture and specifically seed production takes a vast amount of experience. Luckily, we’ve been in the business for a long time! We’re on our fourth generation at Total Seed Production – after 82 years, we’re able to generate a lot of product consistency. We continue to hire experience and push ourselves to learn and make even better products.

In order to make our quality better, we’re staying on top of everything. We’ve recently earned our ISO 2015 certification, which allows us to examine the risk management of our processes and products from every angle. This certification ensures that we are able to meet customer demands and satisfaction. We’re constantly learning about new technologies, equipment and machinery in order to provide the very best product available.

Our biggest adversary to consistency, of course, is Mother Nature. She tries to throw us a lot of curveballs, which can affect quality. However, we’re able to weather those storms with our vertical integration. We can adapt to any environmental change or customer change because we know that we only get one chance to create our products.

After a brand works with us, they can see the value Total Seed Production brings to their businesses. We’re ingrained in their operations – to provide a superior product, we make sure that we base our decisions about their product as if we were the customers. We guarantee we’re accessible, and we’ll never say no to any request.

If there’s one thing to remember about consistency and Total Seed Production, know that consistency isn’t like a box of chocolates. You’ll know exactly what you’re getting and what to expect with every request.