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Advanta Seeds

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Advanta Seeds is a sustainable agriculture company providing innovative solutions and technology to farmers around the world. The company has global operations in over 26 countries and independent breeding programs in the United States, Argentina, Australia, India and Mexico. These diverse programs give our customers access to unique, superior and proprietary germplasm.
Advanta Seeds prides itself on decades of research and deployment of the most advanced technologies in traditional plant breeding to deliver high quality seeds. A world leader in sorghum grain and forage, Advanta Seeds also has leading positions in many geographies in corn, sunflower, canola, rice and vegetables.
Advanta Seeds leverages collaborative agreements with other technology companies and researchers to develop innovative new products. In addition, we work closely with a number of world-renowned university researchers to bring the latest sorghum breakthroughs to fields throughout the world.
Advanta Seeds is a part of the UPL Group.
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