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Sensient Colors LLC, the global leader in color for the past 100 years, offers a breakthrough coating system that enables seed brands to better differentiate themselves in the current competitive marketplace. Sensient’s new SensiCoat™ coating system provides superior uniformity, color stability, and overall performance to the seed treatment industry. The SensiCoat system can be customized and is available for use across a broad range of application systems.

o SensiCoat Pigment Dispersions
o SensiCoat PLUS
o SensiCoat DRY MAXX
o SensiCoat Seed Coating Polymer AG
o SensiCoat Pearlescent Dispersions

SensiCoat includes solutions for many seed varieties including row crop, vegetable seed, grass and forage, as well as botanical seeds. All SensiCoat products are formulated to be compliant with the inert ingredient regulations for seed coatings as required by EPA regulation 40 CFR 180.

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