Dan Custis CEO and Co-Founder, ABM

Biological products offer unique benefits all along the food chain and provide advantages for growers, seed companies, dealers, consultants and retailers. Advanced Biological Marketing (ABM) has been in the business of “biologicals” since 2001, specifically microbial biologicals. We fully know and understand the advantages biologicals bring to the market.

Biological technologies have been developed over the years and give growers more targeted and effective options for crop production. Consumer demand and the need for higher production are part of the market drivers that have enabled ABM to continually innovate and improve biological products. As a result, there is an increasing acceptance and use of biological products.

Best management practices and a strong emphasis on environmental stewardship are major factors in commercial farming operations and the supporting network. Top producers not only maximize their returns but they also consider being good stewards of the land an important role in their operation. Biologicals typically provide both of these benefits. There is little to no toxicity when using them, and they often provide an avenue to enhanced soil health.

Our experience and expertise have led us to make some observations when it comes to providing a beneficial microbial product. If our microbial biologicals are to be successful, we know they must have these attributes:

1. They must be reliably effective in accomplishing the goal for which they are developed or sold.

2. They must give a consistent high return on investment to growers or provide other advantages that users can see and quantify.

3. They must be formulated into products that are easy to use and meet grower needs.

4. Products usually must have a reasonable shelf life.

Another very important point is that, in our experience, the plant benefits are strictly strain dependent. Just because one strain in a specific Trichoderma or Bacillus strain is effective is no indication that other strains in the same species will be effective. Only a few, highly selected strains are effective and useful, while the majority of strains in any species will have low or no efficiency. An important capability we apply is the use of defined synergistic strains to accomplish various goals in plant performance improvement. These unique benefits range from disease control to abiotic stress resistance to plant yield enhancement.