Bio-Safety Certificate for GM Phytase Corn Renewed


Origin Agritech, a technology-focused supplier of crop seeds in China, has received the renewed bio-safety certificate from the Ministry of Agriculture for its genetically modified phytase corn for the next five years.

The bio-safety certificate was originally received in 2009 for Origin Agritech’s GM phytase corn for a period of five years, which expired in August. GM seed products in China must undergo five separate stages of approval beginning with a Phase 1 laboratory approval to the final receipt of the bio-safety certificate in Phase 5.

In addition to the original phytase corn seed, Origin Agritech now has four commercial hybrids with phytase traits in Phase 5 (the bio-safety certificate stage).

The company also announced that its next generation GM product glyphosate tolerance corn seed has passed Phase 4 (the production test stage) and is waiting for the Phase 5. Origin Agritech’s GM corn products with stacked traits of glyphosate tolerance and insect resistance (Bt) have progressed to Phase 3 (the environment release test stage).

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