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    Gordon Sargent

    Regulatory Manager, Nufarm Americas

    My first exposure to ag business came in 2005 when I took a regulatory manager job with Becker Underwood (now BASF) in Ames, IA, a leading manufacturer in seed treatment products including formulations with not only colorants and polymers, but also microbial inoculants such as Rhizobia and Bacilli. I was responsible, among other duties, for maintaining/managing compliance of these products to government regulations i.e. product registrations; product labeling requirements, import/export laws, etc.
    In 2013, Becker Underwood was wholly acquired by BASF and I transferred to the company’s Regulatory Department office in RTP wherI my focus was on biopesticides regulatory work. Over the years, I was able to successfully get EPA registration approvals for several biopesticide products. One of them was a product that Nufarm purchased this year from BASF and transferred with the product to Nufarm.