Glenn Friesen Senior VP Sales and Marketing, Meridian Manufacturing Inc.

Do you think of your brand as a living thing? You need to. Because of the fact your brand is ultimately a psychological construct in the minds of your customers, it changes over time as that audience’s values change. It grows and evolves, and you don’t want to stifle that growth.

You need to know the following about the nature of your brand:

  • It doesn’t just have customers — it has an audience. Thinking of your customers this way opens the door to promoting yourself in new and interesting ways.
  • It doesn’t just serve to sell product — it serves to reflect and reinforce your audience’s values. Your brand has a relationship with its audience, and vice-versa. Relationships either grow, remain stagnant or die. In business, you want to grow your relationships. You do that by engaging your audience and staying fresh.
  • It needs maintenance. To maintain it, you need to constantly ensure your brand is evolving in the right way. Does it continue to connect with your audience?

Thankfully, today’s communication technology allows your brand to engage with your audience easily and effectively. There’s some simple ways to reach out to them and do this.

While traditional advertising is still an important part of the overall marketing strategy, customers and potential customers — your audience — are looking for engaging content. You need to have an active presence on the web and social media and offer a range of engaging content — articles, infographics, audio and video are all important.

In the next instalment in this four-part series on branding, I’ll discuss how you can begin ensuring your brand connects with its audience online and doesn’t get lost in all the noise.