About Seed World

Distributed six times per year to more than 9,000 seed professionals, each issue of Seed World features a thought-provoking, issues-based look at specific industry concerns as well as regular departments that ensure each reader has a customized experience.

The magazine for the U.S. seed industry that delivers real marketing, lead generation and custom media solutions for today’s innovative businesses supplying products and services to this lucrative $12 billion market.

With information, advice and ideas covering virtually every business aspect of the U.S. seed market, Seed World is read by owners, presidents and CEOs to help them run and grow their businesses.

About Issues Ink

Issues Ink is a global publishing and consulting company with extensive experience in the seed and agriculture industry. At Issues Ink, seed and agricultural communications are our strength, passion and focus. Having business experience around the world, Issues Ink produces more than 30 top-quality, agricultural publication issues per year.

About Shawn Brook, Publisher

Shawn has seen tremendous changes in the communications sector during the past 20-plus years. He’s not afraid of change, and that fearlessness allows him to lead Issues Ink in a time when the Internet is prominent but print media still widely consumed. Using his expertise to help agribusinesses make sense of this new reality, Shawn gives clients what they need to help their organizations survive and thrive — custom solutions designed around their needs and built by Issues Ink’s staff of dedicated professionals. Quality of content is crucial, but Shawn knows that delivering it effectively is equally important.