Glenn Friesen Senior VP Sales and Marketing, Meridian Manufacturing Inc.

In the previous instalments in this series on branding, I’ve discussed the building blocks to begin understanding your brand and how to build it. The final stage to revamping your brand is to understand that your brand has a story to tell.

In order for your brand to reflect the values of your audience, it has to engage with them through good content that shows what you’re about. That you practice what you preach, in a sense. But how do you go about drumming up ideas for that content? There’s a few ways.

Think about people. Good stories are all about people. Your company is made up of people. Your brand is an expression of what those people are about. It has a story to tell. Maybe it’s a story of the person who developed a new product in your company. Or someone who has a new way of thinking about business or the industry. Your audience wants to feel personally connected to your brand.

When it comes time to tell that story, you need to think about format. Once you decide on the story you’re going to tell, you need to decide the best way to tell it. In a written form? Audio? Video? There are several different tools you can use, and each has its own advantages.

  • Written — this is the traditional and time-honoured way of telling stories. It’s a personal form of story-telling. People like to sit down in a quiet place and read. It helps them to really connect with the subject matter.
  • Video — Some stories really lend themselves to video. And, it’s hugely popular in the online world. That said, video can require more resources. And, it can lack the “imagination” aspect of the written form, which allows people to create pictures in their mind.
  • Audio — Audio content offers many of the advantages of video in terms of its digital appeal. Podcasts are immensely popular. It often doesn’t require as many resources as video to produce, and still allows your audience to create an image in their mind and fill in the blanks themselves.

All three of these formats have their place. With the advent of the online world, video and audio are more popular than ever, and becoming easier to produce.

Use all the tools at your disposal to show that your brand is tech-savvy, relevant and progressive. Your audience will appreciate it and you’ll reap the benefits.