Ketty Nilsson President, NoroGard

It’s Sunday evening and my husband and I have just finished our Sunday dinner. It’s his last day of summer holidays and tomorrow morning he’s back to work.

All Swedes have by law five weeks of paid vacation, and most of it is scheduled during summer months. The most beautiful time of the year in northern Europe.

I, like most self-employed people, didn’t have any vacation this year. Neither did the guys in my workshop. 

The fact is, our business has grown so fast that we had too much work all summer. That’s a good problem to have, and everyone was a good sport about it and worked hard both weekends and evenings to finish orders and ship equipment worldwide.

I have been recruiting staff all summer, mainly welders. It’s not common among the young generation to dream of a career welding steel. These days it sometimes feels like welding is a dying art. As a result, I have to think outside the box. 

My latest addition to the team is Rose-Marie, our female welder who’s looking forward to not only welding, but also assembling, electrical and mechanics.

I have also recruited welding expertise from eastern Europe.

Of course, I could have used local suppliers to do these jobs for me — and occasionally I do — but I believe in owning my own resources. I also have a silly idea that I’m not a manufacturer if I don’t actually manufacture.

Owning my resources also keeps me from depending on other suppliers. I don’t want to be left hanging as they close for summer holidays or risk missing our delivery deadlines.

Neither do I want their pricing to control my competitiveness.

As it happens, my business isn’t much different from a seed business, and a seed coater can help a lot in this regard. Owning a seed coater makes your business more reliable because:

  1. It helps you own your own resources in order to control the quality of your seed and keep the knowledge in-house, which means your product is more valuable in the market.
  2. It means you don’t have to depend on someone else to coat your seed. With your own coater, you can do it when it’s convenient for you.
  3. It helps you control your costs and keep the money in your own pocket.

I think you’ll agree that’s a recipe for success!