What Is the Value of your Business Processes

- Mike Dorris

Have you ever stopped to think about why you do what you do in your seed business every day? I am not talking about your products or your sales territories or your management hierarchy; rather, the daily, weekly and monthly routines you go through just to keep your business functioning.

You could be wasting a great deal of time and effort on inefficient and ineffective routines if you have not critically reviewed your business processes. You may have lost sight of some processes’ initial purpose. Why they are in place? What improvements should be made? Without realizing it, you might be acting more from habit than out of necessity. It could be that some of what you are doing should be tweaked, radically redesigned or even eliminated.

After completing an initial analysis, the next step is to assign value to each specific business process and to each of its individual internal components. What value does each process add to your operation? What does it cost in time and effort to complete each process? What is the cost and consequence of not completing each individual process? Are the processes error prone and cumbersome to complete? Think about all the steps required from the point of view of both your customers and your employees.

Carefully consider these key business activities:

· What are the processes and procedures needed to place an order?

· What is the process to maintain an accounting of your current inventory?

· What is the process to ship an order?

· What is the process to know when lab results (seed tests, for example) need to be updated?

· What is the process to manufacture raw seed into a finished good?

· What is the process to calculate business results?

· What is the process to know and project current and future sales demand?

If a software program could be implemented to streamline your processes, what would that be worth to your business? Perhaps, it could make it easier to place, process and track an order to allow you to handle more orders in less time. Saving time when shipping an order means more orders can be shipped.

Let’s take a fresh look and explore your current business processes to see if our software can add value to your business by solving some of your process challenges.