T.A. Seeds Seneca Alfalfa Finishes Second in Forage Super Bowl


Seneca alfalfa from T.A. Seeds was recognized among the top finishers in the Forage Super Bowl in October. Widely recognized as the top forage competition in the United States, the Forage Super Bowl is held annually at the World Dairy Expo in Madison, WI.

Grown and entered in the contest by Co-Vista Holsteins of Arcade, NY, Seneca alfalfa placed second overall and first among alfalfa varieties in the haylage category with a final score of 88.09, 3470 milk per ton and a Relative Forage Quality score of 226. Co-Vista Holsteins was awarded a cash prize for their finish and special recognition at the event.

“We’re pleased to congratulate Co-Vista Holsteins on their impressive finish in the Forage Super Bowl and thank them for entering Seneca alfalfa in the contest”, stated Cory Chelko, T.A. Seeds product coordinator.

Seneca is a fall dormancy 4 alfalfa with high yield and quality potential and high resistance to the seven major alfalfa diseases. An ideal alfalfa for demanding dairy operations, it exhibits fast recovery and excellent persistence.

The World Forage Analysis Super Bowl is held annually as part of the World Dairy Expo. Growers enter high quality forages in seven different categories to compete for prizes. Finalists in each category are judged by University of Wisconsin personnel based on lab analysis and visual judging criteria. Dairyland Laboratories in Arcadia, WI serves as the official analysis lab for the contest.

T.A. Seeds is a dynamic 3rd generation independent seed company headquartered in central Pennsylvania, serving farmers throughout the Eastern United States. T.A. Seeds produces and distributes a diverse line of agronomic seed products including: corn, soybeans, alfalfa, forage grasses and cover crops. To keep up to date with TA Seeds, visit www.taseeds.com, or call 866.813.SEED.


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