More Partnerships Needed from National Pollinator Strategy

According to a statement regarding yesterday’s White House release of a national strategy to promote pollinator health, the American Seed Trade Association reports that it stands ready to assist in taking steps to achieve pollinator health. “The American Seed Trade Association is heartened by the White House’s proactive approach to assisting pollinators that are challenged […]

What Do Healthy Bees Look Like?

Seed World asks researchers this question as part of its Protecting Pollinators series. One-third of global food production volume relies on pollinators to some degree as does $18 billion in American agriculture. Honeybees and other insects are responsible for pollinating 80 percent of flowering plants worldwide, according to the Honey Bee Health Coalition. In 2009 […]

Puzzling Truths In Labeling

The issue of seed testing uniformity is a complex and convoluted problem with many players and facets involved. There’s thousands of seed species, nearly a hundred labs, multiple testing methods, governance and compliance. After having been in the seed testing industry for 34 years, I’ve seen just about everything. While I applaud the Association of […]

Trait Stewardship a Shared Responsibility

Should China dictate what new technologies U.S. farmers have access to? Some of the trading issues between the United States and China have brought trait stewardship front and center in discussions between the seed industry, farmers and grain handlers. It’s also the subject of much controversy and is the source of litigation between Cargill and […]

Changing the LLP Landscape

National seed associations around the globe now have a new tool that can be used to work with governments on implementing low-level presence policies. The seed industry is increasingly global, and the movement of seed is a critical component of successfully supplying farmers with high-quality, productive seed. The international trade of seed has increased exponentially […]

Plant Breeders Without Borders makes new inroads

One plant breeder is committed to making a difference in feeding an ever-growing global population. Plant Breeders Without Borders is the concept of Anthony Leddin, an Australian plant breeder who has a keen interest in aid development. “I’ve been so fortunate and lucky to become a plant breeder,” Leddin says. “Now it is time to […]

A Push to Ratify

The U.S. seed industry diligently works to educate congress about the importance of the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture with the hopes of ratification. No country is self-sufficient in plant genetic resources. All depend on genetic diversity in crops from other countries and regions; hence, the International Treaty on Plant […]

Going Hormonal

Researchers study how hormones can be used to control seed dormancy and germination, saving millions of dollars of crop loss each year. After lengthy periods of drought, this past summer and fall saw above-average rainfall across the United States, especially in the coastal Northwest, parts of the Northeast and much of the Midwest and South. […]

Golden Opportunities

Throughout the food supply chain, companies focus efforts on sustainability and science? How does an individual with an electrical engineering degree and a focus on aeronautics become the CEO of McDonald’s? It’s a question Don Thompson gets asked frequently. After graduating from Purdue University, McDonald’s called and asked him to interview in St. Louis. Thompson […]

The Seed Treatment Saga

New studies outline the benefits, or lack thereof, of seed treatment use in U.S. crop production. Seed treatments have been around for more than 100 years, but it hasn’t been until the past decade that farmers have adopted the use of seed treatments across multiple crops and millions of acres. The subject of much debate, […]

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