September 2012 - SeedWorld

September 2012


Giant Views

Global Seed Industry Is Evolving Too There are several regions around the world the seed industry needs to be aware… Read More


Regulatory Roundup

NATIONAL Syngenta Refuge In-A-Bag Corn Seed ApprovedSyngenta has announced that the United States Environmental Protection Agency has granted registration approval… Read More


World Status

StatusISF The 2012 International Seed Federation World Seed Congress, held June 26 to 28 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, was… Read More


Cross Pollination

Seed Treatment Market Continues to Grow“While seed can be treated on the farm by the farmer, it’s not easy to… Read More


Since 1915

1915 To Destroy Insects in SeedSeed merchants are often annoyed by insects that get in stored seeds and cause more… Read More


Gaining Access to Seed Info

Gaining Access to Seed Information The new and improved SeedConnect web portal is a one-stop-shop for critical seed information. As the… Read More


Surviving Durian

Surviving Durian The Global Crop Diversity Trust explores the challenges with global funding to improve nutrition. I first encountered the word… Read More


Measuring Sustainability

Measuring Sustainability Panel on Global Sustainability says a “future worth choosing” must be based on true costs to people and… Read More


Closing the Water Gap in Agriculture

Closing the Water Gap in Agriculture Drought is the major environmental condition which limits agricultural productivity worldwide. Droughts are becoming… Read More