Paramount Seeds Adds New Shareholder


Vegetable seed supplier Paramount Seeds Inc. announces the addition of a new shareholder. Richard Blakey, who has been a long-time employee of the company, is now co-owner.

“Richard has worked for Paramount for 16 years as logistics manager,” says Glen Kaufman, Paramount Seeds founder and owner. “I’m excited about this development because it gives him a proper role in the company and puts the wheels of our succession plan in motion.”

Located in Stuart, Florida, Kaufman founded Paramount Seeds in 1991. Since then, he says the company has grown into a specialized company supplying greenhouse growers, as well as outdoor producers with quality seed.

In his new role, Blakey will be responsible for all web-based sales, supplier relationships, and logistics (inventory and supply of seed to growers).

“This move gives me more confidence in the sustainability of Paramount Seeds moving forward,” Kaufman says. “Richard is very organized, has a deep understanding of our computer system, and I value his appreciation and love for the business.”


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