October 2012


Regulatory Roundup

STATE BIODIAGNOSTICS EARNS ACCREDITATIONWisconsin-based BioDiagnostics Inc. has earned ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accreditation, demonstrating technical competence in standard seed testing, trait purity,… Read More


World Status

An in-depth overview on the global seed industry. From flood-resistant rice in the Philippines to a new research hub in… Read More


Cross Pollination

Recruitment Matters“It is probably the perception that plant breeding is a lost and old science in the minds of some… Read More


Since 1915

1915 The Economic Importance of Good Planting SeedNo careful observer of plants needs to be told that even in the… Read More


More Acres, More Insight

One expert offers tips to improve communication about value to large-scale farmers focused on achieving business goals and growth. Today’s… Read More


High Flier

When bringing seed to market, one native seed retailer gives new meaning to the 10,000-foot view. Imagine flying over miles… Read More


Success in a Seller’s Market

Astute companies are using corporate social responsibility initiatives to attract and engage top talent in a tight market. Part two… Read More


Bridging the Communications Divide

In a global playing field, harmonized regulations—and improved communication—are essential to ensure the flow of seed across borders. “What we… Read More


The Future of Forages

Far from being left behind in research and development, forages are coming to the fore as growers begin to look… Read More


Sizing it up

The average size of farms in the United States continues to increase, and while basic seed sales tactics remain the… Read More



Ag journalists started writing about consolidations in the seed industry 30 years ago, or so it seems. But the beat… Read More