AAS Teams Up with Culinary Expert

All-America Selections is now promoting AAS winners through cooking videos using vegetables/edibles that have performed extremely well in the AAS Trials. After 82 years of conducting trials where only the best performers are declared AAS Winners, the organization now has more than 325 individual varieties that have been “Tested Nationally & Proven Locally.” It is […]

Targeted LEDs Could Provide Efficient Lighting for Plants Grown in Space

A Purdue University study shows that targeting plants with red and blue LEDs provides energy-efficient lighting in contained environments — a finding that could advance the development of crop-growth modules for space exploration. Research led by Cary Mitchell, professor of horticulture, and then-master’s student Lucie Poulet found that leaf lettuce thrived under a 95-to-5 ratio […]

Third Class Graduates from European Plant Breeding Academy

The University of California, Davis European Plant Breeding Academy (PBA) graduates its third class with a session in Davis, California. Over the last two years, during the six sessions held in Gent, Belgium; Angers, France; Gatersleben, Germany; Enkhuizen, the Netherlands; Barcelona, Spain, and UC-Davis, 19 participants in this class spent more than 300 hours in classes, workshops and the […]

Sequencing of Wheat Chromosome 5D Underway

The International Wheat Genome Sequencing Consortium (IWGSC) and the Wheat Initiative announce that reference sequencing of wheat chromosome 5D is underway in Turkey. This is another step towards achievement of a high-quality reference sequence for each of the 21 bread wheat chromosomes in order to provide plant breeders with high-quality tools to accelerate breeding programs and produce a new […]

Researchers Discover How Petunias Know When to Smell Good

A team of University of Washington biologists has identified a key mechanism plants use to decide when to release their floral scents to attract pollinators. Their findings, published the week of June 29 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, connect the production and release of these fragrant chemicals to the innate circadian rhythms that pulse through […]

Seed Treatments Lose Their Punch Against Major Pest

Seed treatments have minimized thrips damage for the last decade, but farmers and entomologists fear some pesticides may be losing their punch in protecting cotton. Scientists at Mississippi State University and other universities across the Midsouth have been aggressively exploring options for controlling thrips damage in cotton. Angus Catchot, an entomologist with the MSU Extension […]

Mycogen Seeds Adds to Team

Mycogen Seeds hires Bill Sutliff as a dairy nutritionist supporting Mycogen brand bm3 BMR and TMF silage corn products. He is based in Pennsylvania and will consult with dairy producers and nutritionists in the Mid-Atlantic region. Sutliff joins a team of four other dairy nutritionists at Mycogen Seeds. “Bill brings deep knowledge of dairy nutrition to […]

Dow Opens New Latin America Research Center

Dow AgroSciences opens its new and largest biotechnology research center in Latin America — the only one that can conduct advanced and comprehensive seed testing in the region. The complex will be used in the research of tropical seeds with capacity to meet demand in Latin America. Compared to the current process, the new research center […]

Scientists Discovering How Pathogens Pillage Plants

Like jewel thieves pulling off a heist, bacteria have a variety of tricks to avoid detection when plundering a plant cell — and researchers continue to learn more details about their highly evolved tactics. A well-studied protein, AvrPtoB, from the bacterial pathogen Pseudomonas syringae, is known to suppress the plant immune response, but has a previously […]

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