Incotec CEO Douwe Zijp Elected to ISF Board

Douwe Zijp, chief executive officer for Incotec Group, has been elected to the board of directors of the International Seed Federation (ISF) by the general assembly which took place during the federation’s annual seed congress on May 25-27 in Kraków, Poland. The International Seed Federation represents the seed industry at a global level and participates in several […]

Duravant Expands Reach with Packaging Equipment Solutions

Duravant, a global engineered equipment manufacturer serving the food processing, packaging and material handling sectors, announces it has acquired Hamer LLC, the Plymouth, Minnesota-based manufacturer of packaging equipment specializing in automated bagging systems, fillers, sealers and robotic palletizers. The purchase expands Duravant’s packaging platform and strengthens its engineering, design and service expertise in bag management system […]

ISF Delegates Explore the Use of Seed Treatments for Grass Seed

Is there a place for seed treatments in grass markets? That was one of the questions posed during today’s Forage and Turf Crops Section meeting at the International Seed Federation’s World Seed Congress in Kraków, Poland. “In the grass seed industry, I think seed treatments can help to improve what is already a great product,” […]

ISTA Offers Industry Membership Opportunity

To better facilitate communication between the seed testing industry and the producers and distributors of seed, the International Seed Testing Association is offering an Industry Membership option, explained Beni Kaufman of ISTA at the International Seed Federation’s 2015 World Seed Congress. ISTA’s mission is to bring uniformity in seed testing, which can be difficult with […]

Plant Receptors Alert Plant Cells of Infection

Receptors carrying built-in decoys are the latest discovery in the evolutionary battle between plants and pathogens. Decoy domains within the receptor detect pathogens and raise the cell’s alarm when there is an infection. Plants display component parts of their immune system on receptors to trick pathogens into binding with them, which then triggers defence mechanisms. The […]

ISF Congress Emphasizes Collaboration and Communication

A veterinarian turned lawyer shares insights about communicating science and technological advancements with the general public during the Breeders Committee meeting at the International Seed Federation’s 2015 World Seed Congress in Kraków, Poland. Seed breeding provokes a conflict in values and faces romanticism, said Jan Staman who serves as managing director for the Rathenau Instituut […]

S&W Seed Company Elects New Board Member

California’s S&W Seed Company announces the election of Alexander C. Matina to its board of directors. Matina currently serves as vice president, investments at MFP Investors LLC, the family office of Michael F. Price, which focuses on long-term, value investment opportunities. MFP Investors LLC currently owns approximately 9.6 percent of the common shares outstanding of S&W Seed Company and is […]

Michael Keller Moves the International Seed Industry Toward Change

Today, May 25, International Seed Federation Secretary General Michael Keller called for change during his first speech to the delegates of the 2015 World Seed Congress in Kraków, Poland. “ISF is changing and we changed a lot this year,” Keller said. “Young and new people arrived, but we’ve also kept the expertise and that’s important.” […]

Agriculture Plays Key Role in Poland’s Economy

A Polish plant breeding official recognizes the seed industry’s critical role in the republic’s economy during the opening ceremony of the International Seed Federation’s 2015 World Seed Congress, held May 25-27 in Kraków, Poland. “It is worth noting that Poland is the sixth largest country in the European Union,” says Bogusław Rzeźnicki of Poland’s Department of […]

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