June 2013 - SeedWorld

June 2013


Regulatory Roundup

NATIONAL Bayer and MS Technologies Develop New Soybean TraitBayer CropScience and MS Technologies LLC have announced plans to market a… Read More


World Status

An in-depth overview on the global seed industry. From significant investment in plant breeding and infrastructure in Russia to China’s… Read More


Since 1915

1915 American Seed Trade Association ConventionPresident Morse appointed as a transportation committee for the June convention at San Francisco S.F…. Read More


Cross Pollination

Delayed Farm Bill: Impact on Ag Research“Universities across the country had responded to a mandate to directly address the needs… Read More


Protecting Pollinators

  Understanding Colony Loss This year overwinter losses of honey bee colonies have reached an all-time high in North America,… Read More


Education Expiration

As the seed industry prepares for the first biotechnology events to come off-patent, is the sector doing a good job… Read More


Finding Common Ground

A detailed status report on low level presence seed policy development in the United States, Europe and internationally. Low level… Read More


Travel Ready

Travel Ready ASTA is working to break down trade barriers and harmonize standards. An array of standards prevents seeds moving… Read More