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Boom Times for Sorghum

Sorghum is one of the most versatile crops around and has a growing list of uses. This hardy, drought-resistant grain has commonly been used as livestock feed, but is now carving more space in the biofuel market. It can serve as a feedstock in ethanol production, as well as a biomass crop to help fuel power plants. But sorghum is also used to make such things as gluten-free bread and fiberboard, and is a key ingredient in many Chinese wines. Read More Here.


Cover Crops Uncovered – It’s nothing new to the world of agriculture, but the big talk in small towns is all about cover crops. Check out the trend and how it might impact your business. [continue reading]


Tips To Talk About Work – Often times the seed industry gets a bad public reputation because of biotechnology. Experts share a few tips to help make the conversation a little easier while out and about this summer.  [continue reading]


FuSE Turns 10 – Explore how ASTA’s Future Seed Executives Committee came to be and how it’s transitioned through the years. We caught up with the founders to see where they are now.  [continue reading]



Seeds of Distrust Spur GMO Labeling Bill – Explore the impacts that mandatory-GMO labeling could have on the American seed industry and what experts in the agriculture and biotechnology fields have to say about it. [continue reading]


Protecting Pollinators – What’s new in the world of bees?  Bayer CropScience recently unveiled its new North American Bee Care Center. [continue reading]


Reflections From Craig Newman – As ASTA’s outgoing chair, Craig Newman shares what he’s most proud of accomplishing during the past year. [continue reading]


Meet the Future Giants - Three candidates stood out amongst the pool of nominees for the Future Giant of the Seed Industry Award. Take a moment to learn about what makes them unique. [continue reading]


Reinvigorating Research  - As government holds funding for basic research, it stifles progress. Will private investment be able to compensate for government’s shortcomings? [continue reading]


Around the World  - Regional seed associations from around the globe share hot issues, the challenges their up against, big breakthroughs and how their bringing people together to further the seed industry as a whole.  [continue reading]


Registration Review  - Variety registration systems vary from country to country, but is there a system that works best? Seed World looks at current efforts in Canada and characteristics that comprise a good system. [continue reading]


Time Takes a Toll on Seed Quality  - While working in Liberia, Dennis Thompson assessed seed quality and the myriad of factors that come into play.   [continue reading]


Training the Force — Discover how the University of California, Davis, works to secure the future of the seed industry and plant breeding with intensive domestic and international training opportunities.  [continue reading]



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Learning the Business of Seed

The world of academia is sometimes thought of as vague and abstract, not applying directly to the real world in which the seed industry does business. Seed Business 101, a course offered by UC Davis’ Seed Biotechnology Center, takes a unique approach to mentoring promising new employees and young managers. Read More Here.


Floriculture Industry Plays Favorites – Familiar flower varieties are getting a facelift thanks to home and market gardeners’ desire for reliable, easy-to-grow varieties. [continue reading]


What's New in Flowers and Vegetables – A sampling of fresh new varieties coming to the flower and vegetable sector. [continue reading]


Genetics and Consumers Drive Vegetable Innovations – Technologies newer to vegetable breeding and changing consumer preferences are helping shape trends in vegetable variety development. [continue reading]



The Great Flavor Hunt – The produce industry is looking at variety development differently—and yield isn’t everything. [continue reading]


Protecting Pollinators Resource Guide – Resources on pollinator protection to share with your staff and seed customers. [continue reading]

Seed Treatments

The Guide to Seed Treatment Stewardship is the product of industry-wide collaboration between seed companies, seed treatment providers and universities – and it draws from data collected worldwide. Jointly produced by the American Seed Trade Association and CropLife America, its purpose is to provide farmers and seed companies with critical information and up-to-date guidelines for managing treated seeds effectively to minimize the risk of exposure to non-target organisms!

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The magazine that brought you in-depth coverage of the seed industry for over 90 years is enhanced through new connections and strong ties to the seed industry and new ways of presenting information. 

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