Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Protecting Pollinators Part 2 – Bee Health Stressors

Part two of Seed World’s Protecting Pollinators series delves into the combination of stressors affecting honey bee health and threatening the honey bee pollination industry, potentially placing our global food supply at risk. Read More Here.


Technology Takeoff – Production and sustainability benefits draw more farmers into biotech crops. [continue reading]


Globalization Reshaping Seed Sector – The modern seed sector is becoming more globalized every day and agri-businesses are benefitting as a result. [continue reading]



Treated Seed Stewardship – Seed associations in North America and Europe are taking action to enhance stewardship standards for treated seed and help reduce environmental risks. [continue reading]


Modernizing Seed Movement in Europe – New marketing regulations are expected to provide stronger private sector involovement, experts say. [continue reading]


Greece Hosts ISF World Seed Congress  - Intellectual property and its enforcement were among the topics discussed during the 2013 ISF World Seed Congress recently held in Athens, Greece. [continue reading]


Greek Triumph - Seed World publisher Shawn Brook tells us why the ISF World Seed Congress in Greece was such a rousing success. [continue reading]


A New Tool For Plant Breeders - PINTO is a new database that provides access to patent information on plant varieties commercially available in the European Union and European Free Trade Agreement countries. [continue reading]


Bowman Vs. Monsanto - A recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling provides the seed industry with a sense of security. [continue reading]


African Seed Industry Faces Challenges - Seed World columnist Dennis Thompson discusses some of the challenges facing the African seed industry and the potential for growth across the continent. [continue reading]


Sizing Up the Seed Market - The global seed market is expected to enjoy continued growth in the years to come. [continue reading]


Plant Breeding Community Gathers in Tampa - Members of the National Association of Plant Breeders and the Plant Breeding Coordinating Committee gathered in Florida to network and strategize during their annual conference. [continue reading]


Cross Pollination


World Status

Regulatory Roundup

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Protecting Pollinators Part 1 - Understanding Colony Loss

This five-part series will examine the health and welfare of the honey bee, whose future may have a substantial effect on critical industry decisions. Read More Here.


Growth in Global Seed Markets – Seed corn demand is driving expansion in three key emerging seed markets. [continue reading]


Finding Common Ground – Low level presence seed policy development in the United States, Europe and internationally. [continue reading]



Expiration Education – As the first of the commercial biotech events come off-patent, is the seed industry doing a good job of educating growers on contract obligations? [continue reading]


Pathways to Agricultural Development – Seed World columnist Dennis Thompson explores international agricultural development and the role of seed industry professionals. [continue reading]


Travel Ready? - An array of standards prevents seeds moving from nation to nation and continent to continent without some kind of oversight. Seed producers and their customers appreciate that these regulations aim to protect crops from pests and disease but, at times, the rules can become restrictive... [continue reading]


Protecting Pollinators - Honey bee health continues to be a top priority for the agriculture industry. Although debate continues over the causes of declining bee health, experts say there is no one simple answer to explain colony losses. [continue reading]



Cross Pollination


World Status

Regulatory Roundup

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Speaker Spotlight
Meeting the Demands of a Growing World

“The 2013 International Seed Federation World Seed Congress will be an informative learning and networking opportunity for over 1,500 participants. I am honored to represent the Global Harvest Initiative and to exchange experience and collaborate with seed industry participants from all over the globe,” says Margaret Zeigler, executive director of the Global Harvest Initiative.

Zeigler is scheduled to address attendees during the open meeting of the Field Crops Section Wednesday morning. She plans to discuss improving agricultural productivity to sustainably meet the demands of a growing world. [continue reading]


Seed World at the 2013 ISF World Seed Congress – “To prevent the outbreak of diseases, healthy and reliable starting material is essential." —Marcel Toonen [continue reading]


Cross Pollination Special Feature – Seed World recently attended Bayer CropScience’s 2013 Ag Issues Forum, a major gathering of industry thought leaders and stakeholders examining key issues and trends in agriculture today.·[continue reading]


Ornamental Overhaul - There’s an atmosphere of optimism pervading the nation’s floriculture industry as the sector delivers innovative products and dynamic marketing messages to consumers. [continue reading]


Consumer Perceptions of Seed: Input Required - Although specific data may be lacking, opportunities abound for educational initiatives to deliver key messages to consumers, and could well stop misconceptions from forming. [continue reading]


Keepers of Diversity - The National Plant Germplasm System is an essential resource for the seed sector. Funding cutbacks are causing concern about it's future viability. [continue reading]


Seed Treatments

The Guide to Seed Treatment Stewardship is the product of industry-wide collaboration between seed companies, seed treatment providers and universities – and it draws from data collected worldwide. Jointly produced by the American Seed Trade Association and CropLife America, its purpose is to provide farmers and seed companies with critical information and up-to-date guidelines for managing treated seeds effectively to minimize the risk of exposure to non-target organisms.

Learn more at: http://seed-treatment-guide.com/



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