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Giant Views from the 2013 NAPB Conference in Tampa, FL. June 2nd - 5th,

Patrick Byrne

Patrick Byrne speaks to Seed World Media, Patrick is the incoming Plant Breeding Coordinating Committee chair and Professor Plant Breeding/Genetics (Molecular-Quantitative Genetics) Department of Soil and Crop Science at Colorado State University.

Molly Jahn

Molly Jahn speaks to Seed World Media, Molly is a professor in the Laboratory of Genetics and Department of Agronomy, Center for Sustainability and the Global Environment at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Johnie Jenkins

Johnie is the recipient of the 2013 Lifetime Achievement Award by NAPB, and does research with the Supervisory Research Geneticist (Plants), Genetics and Precision Agriculture Research with ARS, USDA at Mississippi State University.

Elizabeth Lee

Giant Views Interview: Elizabeth Lee speaks to Shawn Brook, President of Seed World Media, at the 2013 NAPB Conference in Tampa, FL. Elizabeth is the incoming NAPB President and Professor of maize breeding and genetics at University of Guelph.

Charlie Stuber at NAPB Conference 2013

Charlie is the 2012 recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award by NAPB and a professor emeritus of genetics and director of the North Carolina State University Center for Plant Breeding and Applied Plant Genomics.

‪Carmille Bales‬

Giant Views Interview: Carmille Joanna Bales speaks to Shawn Brook, President of Seed World Media, at the 2013 NAPB Conference in Tampa, FL. Carmille was a student speaker at the conference and is a Graduate Research Assistant at Michigan State University.

‪Barry Tillman‬

Barry speaks to Shawn Brook, President of Seed World Media,  Barry is a breeder and host at the University of Florida (UFL) - North Florida Research and Education Center, Peanut Breeding & Genetics, and Assistant Professor of Agronomy.




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