Thursday, October 23, 2014

Future Giants of the Seed Industry Award Criteria

The Future Giants of the Seed Industry program is sponsored by FuSE (Future Seed Executives), an initiative of The American Seed Trade Association, and Seed World magazine. The recipient will be chosen by the Seed World Advisory Board—a panel of seed industry experts.

The Future Giants of the Seed Industry award annually recognizes an individual who is in the graduation year of his/her post-secondary program who plans to enter the seed industry, OR is currently employed in the seed industry and is seen as a rising leader. In both cases, we seek an individual who shows the potential to make a significant contribution to the industry.


Academic or Job Performance
The candidate shall demonstrate a commitment to learning and achievement in their program of studies or their seed-related work place.

Commitment to the Seed Industry
The candidate shall have an interest in and understanding of the American seed industry and a declared intention to pursue a long-term career in the industry. Successful work experience in the industry combined with efforts to increase the individual’s understanding of the industry, including building a network, shall all count positively towards nomination.

Leadership and Innovation
We seek people who will shape the future of the industry—we are looking for leaders and innovators. Judging will take into account the breadth and depth of extra-curricular activities. Emphasis will be placed on the impact of these activities. Highlighting specific achievements in leadership and innovation will be important to further the nomination.

The three short-listed candidates may be asked to write an essay of 450 words on the future of the seed industry. This essay will be judged on the demonstration of:

  • understanding of the industry and the trends affecting it
  • innovative ideas for the future
  • ability to communicate clearly 

The program is open to candidates who are no more than 35 years of age and:

  1. Are in the graduation year of his/her post-secondary education program and intend to have a career in the seed industry, OR;
  2. Are currently employed in a seed company and seen as an up and coming leader.



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