Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Giant Views of the Industry

JGL, Inc.

Bryan Gerard, President of JGL, Inc.


Customer Base, Shrinking

Bryan Gerard, president of JGL, Inc. discusses JGL's customer base shrinking.

Decrease in Soybean Acres

“It's going to encourage traits that will make soybeans very efficient in producing fuel.”

Macro Trends in Seed

Can seed solve economic, environmental, health and nutrition issues?”

Future Success

“The skill set of a company has to be significantly different over the next 10-15 years.”


Bryan Gerard, president of JGL, Inc.discusses stewardship for the seed industry.

Value of Biotech Traits

“If we can get the biotech traits accepted in other crops in other parts of the world, then we'll see a re-investment in wheat.”

Vitamin Enriched Traits

“We're going to see vitamin enriched traits.”



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